Product designer solving problems with software.

Hi, I am Karlista, my friends call me Dante. I believe life is simple, but simple does not always mean easy.

I put together some of my works just for you. Enjoy!


The easiest and only local-first secrets manager for teams, that gives them automated compliance across developer machines and deployment environments focused on teams.

In today's fast-paced business environments, teams are under pressure to deliver products and services quickly, which most often comes at the expense of security and infrastructure stability. With the average cost of a data breach being $4.2M+, Onboardbase gives you the right balance between speed and security.

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Share sensitive information securely and quickly with end-to-end encryption and automatic deletion.

By combining real-time empherical communication with keystroke encryption, we built a tool for total privacy for sharing or chatting about sensitive things quickly.

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Head of X

Head of x helps you discover the best in x, showing you who they are and who recommended them. It's a great way to discover new experts, or professionals in a particular field.

All you have to do is share a tweet about a recommendation you find interesting, whether it was given by someone else or made by yourself.

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Git Explorer

Find the right commands you need without digging through the web.

I used to google a lot of git commands for what i needed and when i needed it, sometimes they are not always easily to find but now, i just use Git Explorer

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Never lose sight of your discussions.

The era when Twitter was super hot, i found myself always go through several different threads to get context and i can end in on 10 timelines away from where i started. This makes sure you never lose sight of the context of the conversation.

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