Product designer solving problems with software.

Hi, I am Karlista, my friends call me Dante. I believe life is simple, but simple does not always mean easy.

I put together some of my works just for you. Enjoy!


Onboardbase lets developers and dev teams ship without worrying about security. They can securely manage, switch, and access secrets in any machine or environment: local dev, test, staging, or prod.

Imagine buying a brand-new Tesla and giving some stranger off the street in San Francisco my car keys. I would never do that, and you would never do that. Yet, in a business, people trust developers by default and always give them the keys to the kingdom, API keys, secrets, and database credentials. They assume developers are secure by default, and they are not, hence the growing number of data breaches. 

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Treadie - Shutdown

Never lose sight of your discussions.

The era when Twitter was super hot, i found myself always go through several different threads to get context and i can end in on 10 timelines away from where i started. This makes sure you never lose sight of the context of the conversation.

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